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Pioneer Casinos is a site which pays tribute to the Original Online Casinos. The sites we will review are the Early Casinos from the Pioneer Web Casino days. These have changed a lot in the quality of software and Casino Games.

Casinos.Net was one of the first Casino Portals on the World Wide Web.

Star Luck: Established 1997

An Old Favorite

Many people do not realize that online casinos have been around for years. The original online kasino started at more or less the same time as the internet. Just as with land-based casinos, computer developers saw the potential in online gambling as a way for men and women to escape from the tedious humdrum of every day life. The original online casinos are very different from the online casinos of today. The technology has improved one hundred fold and is still constantly being updated and improved to make it even more easy and convenient for the player. The games played at the original online casinos were not complicated. They were mainly based on the popular casino games at that time, such as 3 card poker. Other popular games like Roulette were introduced later once technology had improved a bit to realistically simulate dies throws and the spinning wheel. From the first time online casinos were available, they were a hit. Anyone who has played at online casinos loves them, and now the online gambling industry has become a multi-billion dollar industry. As technology improved, so did ways to send and receive payments. Previously players would have to send a check or bank transfer, but thanks to modernization, payments can be made directly online, allowing players to start playing immediately. By this time online slots had definitely taken over as the most popular of the online casino games. Technology gave casino games great graphics and that coupled with easy instructions makes it a popular game to play. Good online casinos constantly update their games and add new games as often as they can. Today, it is difficult to imagine how the first online casinos were, since technology has come on so far that you can now play at mobile casinos from your hand-held device or mobile phone!

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